Worked on this painting in between projects for a few weeks. Inspired by The Last of Us (and the terrifying Cordyceps…)

Just Let Go by Jace-Wallace

"Mother of Dragons" Best way to deal with the sunday evening wait - draw khaleesi Prints available here!


Tumblr Tuesday: Earth Day
Urgency NetworkYou’ve already lived on Earth, now trying vacationing above it. Starting today, support the Earth Day Network (or another of the participating charities) and you could visit friggin’ outer space.
Years of Living DangerouslyThe Showtime series documenting climate change and natural disasters collaborated with Symbolia to create comics on climate change. It’s cool. Too cool. Second coming of the ice age cool. Which isn’t cool at all. 
NRDCNatural Resources Defense Council’s mission is to safeguard the Earth and everything that inhabits this crazy floating rock. Follow to watch them call out the FDA and politicos alike. 
I Want to Be RecycledYour garbage wants to be something. Let it spread its trashy wings and undergo its metamorphosis into a lamp shade or bench.
Nature on PBS50 pages of monkey GIFs, deer butts and… bionic pets? A round of high fives for public broadcasting. 
Photo via pbsnature


Winter Melt by Gorrem


Close up of “Out There”